One of my biggest passions in life has been illustration, and I’ve illustrated for several projects – including a small video game demo, journal illustrations, and much more.

Fox & Hedgehog (Global Affairs Publication)

From 2014 to 2016, I’ve illustrated several articles for Fox & Hedgehog, a global affairs online publication ran by Yale-National University of Singapore students. You can find the rest of my Fox & Hedgehog gallery on here as well.



New canvas



Tales From Below (Game project)

In the spring of 2016, I worked on a small RPG Maker-based RPG project with the Columbia University Game Development Club. Along with fellow artist Davian Medrano, we were in charge of all the graphic aspects of the game. This is some of the art we used for the game.

Tales from Below tells the story of Dante, a young black girl from the Bronx who one day takes the 6 train downtown – but that train ends up taking her on a long journey through time and space with a mysterious companion, a homeless man named Virgil.

A 5-minute demo is available, but the game was sadly never finished.